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Difference Between a Real Limo Company and a Hustle

There’s a difference between a long-term business and a hustle. And to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with a lot of hustles. Dictionary.com defines hustle as, “energetic activity, as in work.” So there’s a generally positive connotation to a hustle – hard work pays off.

However, there’s also the flipside of the term. In some businesses, such as the Limo Business, some people in the industry treat it as a way to make quick money, not as a long-term strategy to build a good reputation. Unfortunately that is the reality. Some companies believe in getting as much as they can rather than building a relationship. And it’s sad, because it hurts those that see this as a way to make a decent living while providing a service that people need.

So it’s imperative to be careful when choosing a company to work with. Here a few things to consider.

  1. Does the company have a good reputation? This is different from just having good reviews. In many cases, fewer reviews may be a better indicator of how a company functions. Because when people have a good experience, they generally reward the company by becoming a repeat customer and telling others about them. They don’t usually jump to write a good review because it’s not something that automatically comes to mind. Instead, they will tip generously and do other personal acts to show gratitude. So word of mouth is a serious indicator. But it’s not always possible to find a company that way.
  2. Does the company appear helpful? This can be gleaned by their customer service. Do they answer emails, and if so, how? How do they communicate when you request a quote or ask a question? If they appear to be bothered by simple requests for information, take that as a sign.
  3. If you book a limo, how clean is the vehicle? This one goes without saying. Yes, a rainy day may cause the outside of a vehicle to be affected, but there is generally no excuse for dirty carpet, debris on the floor or seats, and mats that are unclean. Yes, it may happen that the person that just got dropped off had sandy shoes or a glittery dress that leaves shiny fragments, and the Driver didn’t immediately notice or have time to do a quick clean. But surface-level things aren’t the same as caked-in grime. And if you ask about the state of the vehicle beforehand, check to see how they respond. Is it with confidence?
  4. Does the company supply a written quote or invoice? Are they willing to back up verbal promises on the phone in writing? Do they tell you about fees and gratuities up front?
  5. Check to see if the company posts its policies. This way you know it has guidelines that it follows. Policies serve as ground rules that make customers feel safe and know what to expect.
  6. Does the company allow smoking in its vehicles? Although this may seem like a nitpicky thing, it really isn’t. Many people have allergies and smoke residue can cause irritation to some. If a person absolutely has to smoke inside a vehicle, there should be a cleaning fee, because the company should know to use a ozone machine to totally eliminate any leftover traces. This takes time, so it shouldn’t be customary and only under rare circumstances should smoking be allowed. You may feel differently if you are a smoker, but the Chauffeur can usually find a way to pull over to a safe spot for you to go outside for a smoke break.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind. We wish you the best in your travels.


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