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Do You Need a Graduation Limo?

It depends. Do you want to arrive in style and/or make a grand entrance and exit? Do you feel you’ve earned the luxury of being treated like royalty? Have you worked hard to earn top grades? If so, the answer may be yes, you deserve it.

You may also have out-of-town guests and family that are here for your big day. A limo ride can help them feel as special as you do. And in another sense, can save them from having to take a taxi or drive themselves.

This is a special occasion, as you know. And anything that can enhance this day is worth it, because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event.

A Party Bus?

A party bus is a good option because they can handle larger groups, like your family and friends. And you can eat, drink and…party both on the way and back. For example, have a pizza delivered to the bus so when the ceremony is over, you can immediately satisfy your taste buds and growling stomachs. Most buses have TVs, surround sound, laser lights, bluetooth, and more to kick off the occasion with a bang.

Tips for Booking a Graduation Limo

  1. Book early. This way you can shop for quotes and lock in your ride. As it gets closer and closer to the ceremony, prices may increase and it may be harder to even find a limo, depending upon where you live. (More Tips).
  2. If you’re going out to eat afterward, try to make a lunch or dinner reservation. You may already know that certain restaurants may only seat by reservation during busy and special-event times. That way you can better plan your Itinerary, which may also help you save on the limo ride. When you know exactly what times your stops will be, that may help the limo company fine-tune your rate.
  3. Get an accurate headcount. This may be challenging. There can be last-minute guests and people who may not be able to let you know if they’re coming until closer to the day. But the better your headcount is, the better you can plan your ride. Some limos seat 6, others seat 7. If you have more than that, you’ll either have to get more than one limo or a larger vehicle such as a Limo Bus, Stretch, Sprinter or Party Bus. Each has its unique personality which can add to the flair of the special day.
  4. Plan to leave early. Expect heavy traffic and plan accordingly so that you can get there early enough for your comfort level. Explain to guests that are meeting you at a pickup area they should be there early as well.

This is the day you may have been waiting for years. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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