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These policies are in place to help your transportation experience go smoothly. Thank you for your cooperation and your business.


  • Once your deposit is received, in order to put you on the schedule, you must confirm the Time and Pickup & Dropoff addresses in writing. You can do this via text or email.
  • Major changes (ex: different pickup city) are not generally allowed unless they are more than 1 week in advance, or will incur a fee, as they may impact our schedule.


  • By paying a non-refundable deposit, customers are indicating agreement with these Policies.  Email or call us if you have questions.
  • Cancellation Policy: Deposits and Reservations are non-refundable. However, some of your deposit may be refunded, depending upon how far in advance you cancel. Since this depends upon the specific nature of your service and reason for cancellation, it should be discussed before you leave a deposit. Please understand that we reserve both a Vehicle and Driver for your date(s), so cancellations and sudden changes may cause us lost revenue. Certain exceptions may apply.
  • Damage deposits will be refunded to you immediately upon our inspection of the vehicle, but may take 1-3 days or more to reach your account, depending upon how it was paid. It does not cover normal wear and tear which is expected. 100% is refunded if no damage and if you pick up any trash (we provide trash bags). Thanks for helping keep our vehicles and equipment in good condition.


  • Payment must be made in full, in advance or upon pickup. There are no refunds for no-shows or cancellations.


  • Airport pickups before 6am or after 11 pm will incur a $20 surcharge.
  • Once a timeframe is booked, we reserve a vehicle for you. Since it cannot be used for other jobs we cannot issue a refund. (certain exceptions may apply)
  • For ONE-WAY trips, Drivers may wait 15 minutes before additional charges are added for the wait time or having to leave to make other scheduled appointments. We appreciate your timeliness! (This does not apply to charters).
  • Overtime: If the job goes 15 minutes past the end time, an additional hour will be charged.
  • Airport Pickups: We will wait one hour for delayed flights as a courtesy. After that we have the right to leave or upgrade to a 3-hour charter if you choose.


  • Refreshments are only available on charters (3 or more hours). For one-way drops, you may request refreshments with an additional charge.


  • Rides with more than 2 passengers occur additional fees.
  • All vehicles have a 4-hour minimum that runs consecutively. Pricing can be either hourly or daily.
  • If the pickup or dropoff is outside of metro Atlanta there will be a fuel surcharge. If the pickup or dropoff is more than 100 miles from metro Atlanta,  additional fees will be charged for the distance.
  • A Driver’s day is considered 10 hours under law. If you need a vehicle longer than that, we must change Drivers, which will incur additional hourly fees ($25-$35 per hour) for the new Driver.
  • For multi-day bookings, the next day’s payment must be made daily, no later than the close of the day. Advance payment may be required.
  • For charters, a deposit and 10-20% gratuity (depends upon charter type & length) is required.
  • No Smoking in Limousines without prior permission and an additional $200 deposit for cleaning, if allowed. Please note that permission to smoke is mostly denied, as we aim to keep our vehicles smoke free. This policy only applies to limousines.
  • Only the designated customer is allowed to give in-flight directions to the driver. Please help our drivers to focus on the road.
  • No Underage Drinking: By law, no alcohol is allowed when underage passengers (under 21 years of age) are on the bus.
  • Please be courteous to our Drivers. In cases where customers are extremely disrespectful, inebriated or threatening, the ride will be terminated on the spot.
  • Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any injury. Please wear your seat belt and masks for safety.

Thank You for tipping!